FW 16-17

Is a fashion line consisting of 12 items inspired by the inner strength of women.

Todays' harsh society often considers emotions as a sign of weakness, an impediment. However, I am convinced that strength lies in the ability to feel. That emotions are an enrichment in life, enabling us to intensely experience what happens in the world around us.

'Why am I so emotional? Why do I have all these feelings?" are questions often asked by women around me. In return, I asked them "What do you feel?" and challenged them. Do you dare to be aware of your emotions? And do you dare to embrace them? In a diary they opened up and told their personal stories.

The strength and emotion that speaks from their stories has inspired me to create this collection. I sat down with these women and together we experimented with shape, color, fabric, print and text, creating a piece of clothing that reflects each of their stories. My goal is to create an item that makes these woman feel comfortable. A piece that sends a message: I am not afraid to show on the outside what is happening on the inside. A piece that invites other women to open up and do the same.