The collection is inspired by the fragility of our human beings. People see often vulnerability as someting negative and unstable. When in fact it’s nothing less than being pure. It's kind of awareness of your senses and to dare to use them optimally. Everything is intense including the beautiful things in life. I think you can only say that you really living your life when you are open for the feeling and dare to imagine life. Why aren’t you going 100% for the experience and wisdom if it will finally makes you a stronger and wiser person?

White is the most vulnerable color, which you also needs guts to wear it for not geting all dirty quickly. Some garments are transparent which stand for the purity in life. The garments which I have been treated with paint that I broke will I show you that through the fractures you can have a stronger skin.

I therefore want the people transfer a message:
"Dare to live from your body, dream and open up to everything that befalls you. Only then you can say that you are living your life in the most optimal way. "