Mikhaylo or for the most people known as Vakula. A ukrainian deephouse artist. A friend for me who has shown me what’s life about. I met him at the time that the bomb had exploded in UKR. In his words, it was the time of demon vs people. He Has been blogging the wole anti-government protest on his facebook page:

"At this time 20 people, my brothers Ukrainians, was killed by police. Three policemen are in the thrall of people on Maydan, one of them without eye and second without hand. His hand blown off by a bomb in an attack against the people."

"We are left alone , fighting in blood for democracy and our dignity. When Putin decided to bind Ukraine he forgot that we are a fuckinf drazy nation, Who will never be defeated. We never had a king to rule us and can’t be tamed. We have fought for our independence since forefathers."

The colors black and white which are used for the collection stand for the perfect balance. The push and pull of life, I raised with strapps. As he entered the fight to preserve the freedom which I have used in the bullet proof shirt that is crinkled by hand. He goes on a spiritual way along and that incorporated I by embroider details by hand .

I can’t put a finger on it to explain how he is and will always remain a very beautiful mystery.