This Collection is specially made for the love for the environment and humans. The clothing industry has a bad bar. This collection is intended to wake consumers and other designers with the damage they make through the fast-fashion industry.

Maybe there will be some bell ringing, but what I understand exactly under sustainable terms will be highlighted here: The clothing industry is, besides the oil industry, the most polluting industry in the world. Both for humans and for the environment. Cotton farmers who commit suicide because the pressure is too high and production workers should work under really bad conditions. Additionally, fabrics are treated chemically whose wastes enter the environment.

For this I have made a collection of natural substances such as Hennep, Nettel, Tencel, Linen, Silk and Cotton has a GOTS quality mark. I used the colors green and blue for this purpose. Black and white represents the extreme contrast. There are 2 distinct patterns in my collection. The one stands for the victims in the fast-fashion industrie, the other for how the industry is scolding. Now, of course, what can we "change" to change: Designers should only make sustainable clothes. The designers put the wrong way to the consumer. They often think of their own wallet, you can not blame them, because durable fashion costs more. Because the people who work there get a fair pay and the raw materials are not chemically treated.

- slow fashion nobody els is paying for it -